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  • Up to¬†2¬†Guests
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22,000 EUR

(Excludes  TAX)

Phoenix tiny house 

  • Romania
  • Europe
  • 5¬†out of 5 (1¬†reviews)
  • Suitable for:
  • Living
  • Traveling
  • Vacation

Phoenix Tiny House by Pura Vida Huts: Minimalistic, Modern, and Customizable

Introducing the latest Pura Vida Huts model, the Phoenix tiny house. This tiny home is minimalistic, modern, accessible, and easy to customize. It comes in different colors for both the exterior and interior, allowing you to personalize your space.

The Phoenix tiny house has a 15 cm rock wool insulation, anti-condensation foil, two rows of OSB board inside and outside, and two rows of treated wood paneling inside and outside. Despite its compact size of 2.55 meters wide by 6 meters long, it is surprisingly spacious and super bright and cheerful.

The tiny home comes fully furnished and equipped with turn-key amenities, including a boiler of at least 25 liters, memory foam mattress, ample storage space under the bed, kitchenette, and underfloor heating with thermostat and WIFI control.

In addition to the insulation mentioned above, the floor and ceiling have extra Isolair insulation, ensuring that the home is easy to heat/cool with minimal costs. Pura Vida Huts also guarantees that it will be very easy to heat/cool the Phoenix tiny house.

For orders or a custom model of a Pura Vida Huts tiny house, you can reach them using the contact form.

Architect and Interior Designer Anda Maxim, Partner of Pura Vida Huts. They transport the tiny home everywhere in Europe.

What You Get with the Phoenix Tiny House

  • 2-year warranty on the structure of the house
  • Legal guarantee of conformity of 2 years, allowing you to ask Pura Vida Huts to repair or exchange any malfunctioning part of the house
  • Delivery costs calculated based on your location
  • Premium insulation, able to withstand the harsh Romanian climate (+40¬į in summer and -25¬į in winter)
  • Architect support, with any modifications and design suggestions being free of charge

Features of the Hope Tiny House

The Hope tiny house by Pura Vida Huts is another fantastic model that they offer. The tiny home is divided into two areas: a living/kitchen area and the bathroom area. Over the bathroom, there is space for another bed where a child can sleep comfortably.

The house comes with LED floor heating, very economical, with thermostat, as well as an electric fireplace that can heat, with thermostat and remote control. It is fully equipped, turn-key ready tiny house designed to function on grid with main connections on water and electricity.

The doors and windows of the Hope tiny house are spectacular, with a large special window following the shape of the gable and offering beautiful projections outwards. The entrance door and windows are made of wood, double glazing with stained glass hand-painted, making them the pièce de résistance of the tiny house.

Pura Vida Huts offers customization options for the Hope tiny house, and they are open to any suggestions you may have. They offer a 2-year warranty on the structure of the house and delivery costs are calculated based on your location.


Check out the Pura Vida Huts gallery to see the beautiful minimalistic design of their tiny homes.

If you’re interested in owning a Phoenix or Hope tiny house by Pura Vida Huts, contact them to schedule a design consultation. They will work with you to bring your dreams to life and create a comfortable, personalized space that meets your needs.

Experience the Pura Vida Lifestyle

Pura Vida Huts is a project that is close to the hearts of their team, and they are passionate about sharing their love for tiny homes with others. Their mission is to create unique and artistic tiny homes for leisure, tourism, and commercial use.

Their vision is to expand their international sales, allowing more people to experience the Pura Vida lifestyle. A tiny house is more than just a place to live; it offers the chance to rediscover simple pleasures and spend quality time with loved ones.

Pura Vida Huts believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy and freedom of tiny house living. They offer affordable, customizable, and sustainable homes that are designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Contact Pura Vida Huts Today

If you’re interested in owning a Phoenix or Hope tiny house by Pura Vida Huts, contact them today to schedule a design consultation.

Experience the beauty and simplicity of tiny house living with Pura Vida Huts.


  • Height: 3.2 m
  • Width:¬†2.55¬†m
  • Length:¬†6 m
  • Floors:¬† 1
  • Detachable Trailer


  • Nationwide Delivery
  • International Delivery

Delivery is not included as it varies too much depending on where you are living in Europe. Contact us for more details.








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  • Listed on¬†March 4, 2023
  • puravidahuts

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