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Utopian Villas was created in late 2014 by Justin Kreger and a few of his closest business associates. Believe it or not they had already been running a highly successful luxury Modular Home business, Vertical Works, Inc.out of Oak Creek Wisconsin since 2006. Vertical Works, Inc was originally opened due to the lack of other manufacturers in the industry willing to create and design high-end luxury modular homes.

But, times have changed! The popularity of living a more simplistic lifestyle has now became a trend. Whether it be someone’s permanent home or just their getaway destination, park models and tiny homes are the answer! So we decided that now was the the perfect time to create Utopian Villas! We all share a passion for the product that we produce.

It’s about you!

Each member of our team strives to satisfy every single one of our customers. If you’re just getting started researching tiny homes, cabin RV’s and park model recreational vehicles, we’re here to help! We’ll introduce you to the differences among various terms  and learn concepts that are crucial in making the decision to buy. Each member of our staff is involved in every step of designing and building your own Utopian Villa. They know their stuff. They know our products inside and out.

Love your new park model

We want you, your family and your friends to love your new park model. That’s why we take the time to train our staff in every aspect of your park model from the building materials to construction methods to the final placement of your new home.

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